The best of the past. The best of the future.

Segen provides the following services to clients who want to build on the technologies of the future without sacrificing the excellence of legacy standards.


The most vital part of any successful project comes at the very beginning. Segen will work closely with each client to understand their existing operations, their perceived needs, their available resources, and their long-range goals. Segen will also make every effort to define and clarify the various options that might best apply to the client’s specific situation.


Because Segen has alliances with most of the premier professional audio equipment manufacturers, they are able to configure state-of-the-art, full-system solutions that bring the highest benefit for their client’s investment. Segen specializes in the successful implementation and integration of the latest cutting-edge audio networking technologies to ensure the systems they design meet current audio production requirements while remaining scalable into the future.


In the event that the project includes building design or renovation, Segen is also able to provide detailed structural and acoustic drawings, working alongside other architectural and construction specialists.


Segen will commit to overseeing each project in whatever capacity is required to ensure that all components are fully integrated and operational, and that the project is completed in a timely fashion.


Segen will train key personnel and perform ongoing technical and operational support as needed for all equipment they provide to their clients.