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October 17, 2013
Muscle Shoals, AL

Cypress Moon Studios Announces the Restoration of the Legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studios

Cypress Moon Studios and The Segen Corporation announce their agreement to fully restore the former Muscle Shoals Sound studios at 1000 Alabama Avenue in Sheffield, Alabama.

The announcement was made jointly by Cypress Moon Studios’ CEO Tonya S. Holly and Segen’s President Don Woerner.

Don was the technical director on the team that initially designed, built and equipped the 45,000 square foot studio facility for Muscle Shoals Sound in 1977 as part of MSS’s expansion and move from their original building at 3614 Jackson Highway in Sheffield. The new building was later purchased by Malaco Records of Jackson, MS, and then by Cypress Moon Studios in 2005.

“We believe the Segen team is the perfect choice to direct and execute our planned five-phase project to put the studios back in full operation,” said Tonya Holly. “Phase One, to be completed in the first quarter of 2014, will re-open the famed Studio A where Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, Joe Cocker, Glenn Frey and many others recorded so much of their great music in the late ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.” 

“Rolling Stone was mistaken when they announced in March 2005 that ‘Muscle Shoals Sound closes for good,’” she added.

Don shares Tonya’s vision for resurrecting the magic of the past. “The original plans for the studios were for a larger Studio A that could record up to 60-80 pieces, with Studio B handling mid-sized sessions for artists and groups and being the primary mix room,” he explained. “The two identical control rooms were placed back to back, and the heavy concrete and masonry construction we used provided total isolation between the two studios. All of our original design work is still valid for the acoustics, layout, decor and lighting.”

Don further made these comments. “The equipment we’re bringing into Studio A will give clients in music recording, film scoring and TV sound tracks access to the best of both analog and digital production. In addition, recent developments in networking will allow full integration of operations not only between the two primary studios, but also in new spaces being created for ADR dialog recording and Foley sound effects.”

The second phase of the project will convert Studio B from simply music recording into a full DME surround post-production mixing facility to support Cypress Moon’s feature film productions. This phase will begin immediately upon completion of Phase One in December.

“We also have plans, working with Segen, to remodel additional rooms which are currently only used for set storage,” Tonya said. “These will become a concert hall and a brew pub, serving as live music venues to meet the needs of our Shoals music tourist industry. The Studios will also be featured prominently in the Moon Walk of Fame tour that is currently under development.”

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